About Us


In September we went on an incredibly magical trip to Walt Disney World. It was the break we needed to escape the restraints of our day to day lives and jobs which we were unhappy in.
Once the trip was over, and we were back to reality the holiday blues kicked in and I realised I had to make changes to better my mental health. The idea of magical inspired soaps was created, and for the rest of the year the house was filled with soap testing and I was filled with ambition.


By the 1st February I was ready to take on the soap world, armed with all the stock I could create in our small home and full of excitement we dived into an incredible opening. The products were incredibly well received and I sold out on every restock!
In April it was time for me to leave my day job and focus solely on Tales of Toria.
By July the house was bursting at the seams and I took the next step in the business journey and moved into a unit.
In October, the team of one turned into a team of three.
By December, we had maxed out the small 500sq ft unit and moved into a unit five times the size!


After the massive growth we had seen in 2020, this year we focused on improving our brand and streamlining our production. We made big investments in our machinery, upped our manufacturing process and expanded our product selection.
We saw incredible growth. Having gone limited in 2020, we received our first years accounts back and turned over an incredibly six figure sum! We featured in Holly Smiths Money Saving Book, Limitless Business Inspirations Podcast and attended our very first big convention as a vendor. By the end of the year we were a team of nine!


We've got big plans for 2022. Including a full rebrand, lots of conventions and even some press events!
But you'll have to pop back to see how we get on :)